Back to Basics

Hey there beauties!

It's sure no secret that we're living through some strange times, huh?  Lockdown life has had us going back to basics - with so many things, but of course we're all about the skincare, so this is our favourite place to start.

Not being able to leave the house means a chance to detox from make up, and keep things super simple.  Our trio of products is the perfect place to start. 


In the morning, start with a refreshing cleanse with our Minty Gel Cleanser to wake up your skin.  Then protect with Rosy Glow Day Cream - with rose to calm and nourish, AND the all important SPF protection for your daily wander around your neighbourhood.

In the evening, bring Minty back again to gently but thoroughly cleanse (both SPF and that foof of flour your face copped as you made sourdough!).  Then nourish  with a generous helping of Sweet Dreams Night Cream - don't forget take all the way down to your chest.  She's packed with hydrating and soothing goodies to keep things smooth, calm and bouncy.


Of course, our products also play nicely with others, so you're welcome to add in your favourite serums, oils and actives.  A great rule of thumb is to apply products from thinnest to thickest consistency.  For me, this means, for example, that Sweet Dreams is always the final step of my routine to seal in all the goodness :)

Simple, but effective.  Love it!