Hello, we're fable & may!

Hello!    We're really excited to see you.

We're fable & may - passionate about skincare.  But also passionate about, well, life.  If we're getting into specifics, we're passionate about skincare that fits into YOUR life.  We all have a face, and we all want the best face we can have.  But we also do a LOT with our face (and the rest of your body, we presume), and we don't really care to muck around with products that cost a fortune, promise the earth, but don't really crack on with what they are supposed to do.  We need skincare that works as hard as we do.

We've had a very talented team on the case, and after months of careful formulation (we like to imagine this happened in a dark room with a bubbling cauldron, but in fact it's a lot more scientific and precise), and testing from some very willing human subjects (now sporting fab skin!), we are really proud to be bringing our first products to you.  As you'd expect, our base product range features the basics of skincare:

  1. A cleanser.  There's a reason people talk about having a clean slate.  The best things spring from a clean base.
  2. A hydrating day cream with SPF.  More to come on a separate post on why SPF should be as much of a no-brainer as wearing undies. 
  3. A dreamy night cream.  Beauty sleep is good.  Beauty sleep with a kick-a** moisturiser is even better.

So this is the beginning.  Thanks for stopping by - follow us on the 'gram to be the first to know the latest info, product info and blog ramblings on all things skin (not things skinny - we like cake too much).

The fable & may team. x