Sweet dreams ahead...

Hydration? Check.  Luxuriously rich application?  Uh huh!  Soothes and calms?  You bet.  Makes you a cuppa and tucks you in at night?  Hmm.. not quite.  But we seriously love Sweet Dreams Night Cream.  Its rich formula glides on smoothly, but then sinks deep into the skin, where it gets to work, with that cocktail of Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter working wonders your hydration levels, smoothing out the trials of the day.  Bonus feature: it won't end up on your pillow.

Sweet Dreams Night Cream is just begging to be part of your evening routine.  After cleansing, feel free to apply your favourite serums, oils and potions, wait a moment, then gently massage Sweet Dreams from your hairline all the way down (your neck and chest need to be part of the action!) to seal in the goodness.

We specifically formulated her to have a deliciously thick consistency, so we could pack in all those power-punch ingredients, but she's still suitable for all skin types: Got oily-combination skin?  Dot a small amount of cream on your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck and smooth out - a little bit can go a long way.  Dry skin?  Add a nice thick layer and let it sink in to keep your skin hydrated all night long and wake up bouncy.  Or my secret (okay, so not exactly secret if I share it, but consider this insider knowledge!)... if you've got skin that's been exposed to the elements and feeling dehydrated and unloved - slather on a super thick layer of cream, let it sit for 10 minutes while you put your feet up, and then wipe off any excess with a cotton pad misted with your favourite toner or facial mist.  Your skin will love you for it.