About Us

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by; we know you've got a lot going on. That's where fable & may comes in. It's skincare that works. No messing round, no funny business.

Skincare that works

We're about straightforward products that do what they say they're going to. We focus on using quality ingredients that either benefit to your skin or help create effective and reliable formulations. Nothing nasty, nothing without purpose.

But of course we're not dull! In fact, we like a little thrill. So we also made sure these products bring a little joy. So as well as being great at what they do, our products are great to use, because if you're going to look after your skin, you might as well enjoy it! Also, they make a fab little line up on in your bathroom cupboard, in your gym bag, or where ever you might be.

Behind the butterfly

Fiona Terry and Toni CoxToni and Fiona have been friends since kindy, and subsequently plotted and schemed their way through school together. After a bit of world travel, adding in a couple of husbands, a handful of kids and a few wagging tails, they decided that it was time for another collaboration. Their mums are just glad this time it doesn't involve a year's worth of sellotape, a dance off and a school-management take over.

With young families and serious day jobs (Toni owns and manages a make up and beauty retailer, while Fiona gets her corporate game face on in the banking sector); both have little time to muck around. Therefore, they channeled a passion for quality skincare into developing straightforward, no-fuss products that do what they say they're going to. So you can look after your face, and then get on with doing you.

Thus, fable & may was born. The best collaboration since the time they sent a fax to Antarctica. True Story.